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About the photographer



    Name: Abdel Qader Allam


    Portrait photographer 


    Abdelkader Allam says:


    My passion for photography began since I  was young, influenced by my father, God’s    mercy, as he was a hobbyist of photography. I grew up in the generation of film cameras and experienced the development of films and printing images manually, but I did not turn professional and learned photography as a science until 2014 after I joined the Youth Center for Hobbies and from this time I began to give me a new     path in my career as a photographer Where I passed and attended more than 35 courses and workshops in various fields of photography, lighting and digital processing, which had the greatest impact on enriching my knowledge in addition to practical training

  • I found my passion in the fields of sports photography and macro photography, which opens horizons to other worlds that we do not see in detail with our naked eyes.

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